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This photo essay by Andrej Balco is an intimate view into the lives of people in old prefab apartment blocks in Slovakia. 
Slovakian documentary photographer Andrej Balco explores the oddly entwined relationships between masters and servants in wealthy middle-class Brazil.
About Andrej Balco

Andrej Balco

Born: September 25, 1973
Address: Za hradbami 17, 902 01 Pezinok, SK
Tel: 00421 905 422 105

2001 – 2010 Master’s degree in photography at the Institute of Creative Photography,
Faculty of Philosophy and Science at the Silesian University in Opava, CZ
1993 – 1998 Master’s degree at the Faculty of Social Work, Trnava University, Trnava

Awards & Grants:
2011 Journalist prize 2010: Best photo journalism: Women´s work in Anthracite, Bratislava, SK
2009 Special prize for exhibition “Domésticas” at GRAND PRIX FOTOFESTIWAL 2009, 8th International Festival of photography in Lodz, PL
Fresh M.I.L.K. Photography competition, general winner in category „Family, Friendship, Lovers & Laughter”, Auckland, New Zealand
2007 Czech Press Photo: 1st prize in the portrait category, Prague, CZ
Frame 007: 1st prize in category Dependance, Brno, CZ
2006 IPRN photography commission Changing Faces, Rio de Janeiro – Niteroi, Brazil
Frame 006: 1st prize in the Travel category, Brno, CZ
2005 Mio Photo Awards: Jurors Awards (Shimao Shinzo), Osaka, Japan
2004 PhotoDocument.sk: photography commission of Vaculik Advertising,Bratislava, SK
Mio Photo Awards: final selection, Osaka, Japan
2002 Czech Press Photo: honorary merit, Prague, CZ

Solo exhibitions (selection):
2011 Antracit, Gallery Café Amadeus, Olomouc, CZ
2010 Domésticas, Fotofest Košice 2010, Slovenské technické múzeum, SK
2009 Domésticas, Gallery Fiducia, Ostrava, CZ
Domésticas, Grand Prix fotofestiwal 2009 at 8th International Festival of photography in Lodz, PL
2008 Domésticas, Leica Gallery Prague, CZ
Domésticas, Dom fotografie / House of Photography, Liptovský Mikuláš, SK
2007 Selection of photogrpahs from SUBURBS and SUNDAY WISHES projects,Gallery Opera Myrona, Ostrava, CZ:
2006 Suburbs, Kino Art Gallery, Brno, CZ
2003 Photographs , 113 Gallery, Bialystok, PL
2001 Pohoda 2001, Festival of Photography, Pezinok, SK

Group exhibitions (selection):
2011 Kaunas Photography Gallery, LT. : “East” /curated by Anzenberger Gallery (Vienna)/
2010 Central European House of Photography, Bratislava, SK / Month of Photography:“U“ by Sputnik Photos
2009 New Slovak Photography, Prague Biennale, Praha, CZhttp://www.praguebiennale.org/
2008 New Slovak Photography, Budapest, HU http://www.fotohonap.hu
2008 Fries Museum,Leeuwarden, NL / NOORDERLICHT – Beyond Walls: Suburbs
Brick5 Gallery, Wien, AUS: Suburbs
Central European House of Photography, Bratislava, SK: Frame 007: Domésticas
Reggio Emilia, IT: The Core of Industry: Sunday wishes
2007 Rowaniemi Art Museum, FIN: Work 3 / IPRN – Changing Faces photographyCommissions: Domésticas
Dom fotografie / House of Photography, Liptovský Mikuláš, SK: At The Border by Sputnik Photos: Sunday wishes
House of Art, Brno, CZ: Frame 007: Domésticas
Central European House of Photography, Bratislava, SK / Month of Photography: 5lovensko
Czech Press Photo, Prague, CZ: Sunday wishes
2006 Moravian Gallery, Brno, CZ: Frame 006: Sunday wishes
House of Arts, Opava, CZ:The Graduates: Suburbs
2005 Mio Photo Awards, Osaka, Japan: Suburbs
Gallery Open Myrona, Ostrava,CZ: Fifteen: Suburbs
Prague House of Photography, Prague, CZ: Fifteen: Suburbs
2004 Gallery Profile, Bratislava, SK / Month of Photography: Mostar
Czech Press Photo, Prague, CZ:
Czech Center, Bratislava, SK: Diploma Works from ITF: Suburbs
2003 House of Arts, Opava, CZ: Diploma Works from ITF: Suburbs
Czech Press Photo, Prague, CZ
Gallery of Jan Koniarek, Trnava, SK: It is Best with Mum and Dad
2002 State Gallery, Banska Bystrica, SK: FamilyAlbum.sk
2001 Czech Press Photo, Prague, CZ:

Publications in books:
2008 DOMÉSTICAS, published in 2008 by House of photography Slovakia as part of the IPRN project Changing Faces
EAST, published by Moser verlag GmbH 2008, Editor: Maria Regina Anzenberger, group presentation of eastern European photographers represented by the Anzenberger agency
AT THE BORDER, published by SPUTNIK PHOTOS, in Warsaw 2008, group presentation
2007 5LOVAKIA, 5 years of Slovakia in photodocument, published by VACULIK ADVERTISING, Bratislava 2007, group presentation
2001 EMERGING FROM THE SHADOWS – photography in Slovakia 1989 – 2001, published by Slovart Publishing Ltd with cooperation of SLOVAK DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY, group presentation

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