About Aitai Shakibafar

Bachelor of Photography; University of Arts and Architecture (UAA)
Student at Master of Graphic; University of Marlik, Nowshahr
Manager at Arts and Architecture Department; Technical Complex of Tehran, Piroozi Branch
Instructor at University of Science and Industry (USI, AKA Elmo Sanat), Art Center
Instructor at Technical Complex of Tehran, Vanak Branch (2012-2013)
One of top researchers at UAA; Research Center
A workshop on “Photo criticism”; Qom, 2010
Photo criticism sessions at Home for Iranian Photographers (HIP); Tehran, 2011
A workshop on “photo collection and its structure”; Andisheh Cultural Center, Tehran, 2012
A workshop on “self-analysis, criticism, photo collection”; Shiraz, Evaz, Summer of 2013
Technical articleson Photography in Photography Special under titles of “Painting with Light” number 187, “Architecture photography’ number 188, “portrait photography” number 189, “nature photography” number 190;
A critique on photo exhibition under the title of “a critique on Ms. Maryam Zandi Earth Victuals photo gallery” in the Cube Monthly number 5
Articles on Basics of photo criticism on photography-focus websites
Multiple articles on “Pan Art” numbers 6,7,8,9 and 10 under the title of “a criticism on Iran Art”
A photo collection under the title of “infinite nature” in Photography Special number 186
Management and coaching certificate by TVTO
Member of HIP (Negah Photographers Community)
Member of Iran Journalistic Photographers Association
Candidate for Board of Directors of National Association for Iranian Photographers
Photographer at Ariana Tourist Monthly, 2009
Head of Photo service; World of Commerce (AKA DonyayeTejarat) Monthly, 2010
Head of Second International photo gallery of Afdesta called “Time stops”, 2012
Head of Third International Photo Gallery of Afdesta called “Childhood dream”, 2012-2013

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