I grew up in modern Russia—I never saw the Soviet Union behind the Iron Curtain, or experienced its censorship and propaganda. But this gap in my life experience is being rapidly filled by things that have been happening in Russia over the last few years.

Against the backdrop of our society’s political apathy, there are inner processes that are not as obvious to the rest of the world: clericalization, forcing of patriotism and nationalism, strengthening of censorship and propaganda. This series is an attempt to visualize these processes.

Inspired by the works of Aaron Siskind, Ralph Gibson and Martin Parr, I’m trying to visualize the trends and events in Russia that I feel are important to document. This series presents an up-to-date image of Russia and shows what defines Russia today.

—Alexander Anufriev

Anufriev’s project was recognized by the jury of the LensCulture Exposure Awards 2017—don’t miss the work from all 44 of the outstanding, international talents!

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