My body of work, AMERICOLOR, is about bringing order to visual confusion.

Each day we move through a barrage of visual information that results in a cacophony of architecture, advertising, nature, color, and cultural symbols—all creating a landscape that is often chaotic and mind numbing. This extensive series of images, made over eight years, is an experimental approach to photographic seeing, using a disciplined perceptual practice.

I tinker with and often dismantle one-point perspective by creating planar and semi-planar “documentary” style pictures. These ordinary and overlooked views are in the lineage of Walker Evans and William Eggleston. I explore traditional and improvised tools of depiction, looking for new solutions to the challenge of presenting the color and form of the complex views I am drawn to.

My constructing and layering of hues and shapes creates a way for me to comprehend and meditate on the world’s meaning. This is what I call AMERICOLOR.

—Dennis Church