When two galaxies collide, night becomes day and the gates reveal a parallel world—one that you can only enter alone…

Inspired by science fiction, surrealism, and film noir, this project is based upon a fictional book titled “The Book of Quasar.” In this universe, the city streets are illuminated by the celestial glow of quasars while ominous black holes become passages to parallel worlds.

A quasar is a black hole with energetic jets beaming out from two sides. A quasar can emit up to 100 times the luminosity of the entire Milky Way (which contains a mere 200–400 billion stars). When the beams of a quasar are directed towards us, we become witnesses to an extraterrestrial lighthouse, carrying a brightness from the beginning of the universe.

Behind this series’ speculative philosophy and unusual inspirations is a careful and studied attention to detail. The shots, made within a small area on the central streets of Oslo, Norway, are meticulously captured by the patient artist. Although usually not constructed, many are the result of countless hours in wait. A sunlit street corner becomes transformed into another dimension by the patient yet creative eye of this sensitive, terrestrial observer.


Editors’ Note: We first discovered Erlend Mikael Sæverud’s work while meeting photographers and reviewing portfolios at the inaugural LensCulture / World Press Photo Portfolio Reviews held in Amsterdam.