What comes to mind when you think of street photography?

For those who love the classics, Henri Cartier-Bresson’s romantic black and white photographs might flash before your eyes. For others, your favorite account or hashtag on Instagram might be your first reference point — a symbol of the genre’s explosive popularity in recent years.

In both aesthetic and approach, street photography has expanded and evolved so much that it can be difficult to find a singular definition for all of the street-based images being made around the world today. In our brand new guide, we embrace this diversity with open arms.

Street Photography: LensCulture’s guide to making and sharing remarkable street photography highlights the many possibilities of street photography while giving you the tools and inspiration to harness your own unique perspective from the streets, wherever you are and however you define them.

Download your free copy today and get to know some of the greats of the genre alongside new voices using street photography as a process. Inside you’ll find advice, inspiration and recommendations from photographers like Matt Stuart, Esther Hovers and Arko Datto, photobook publisher Dewi Lewis, top photo editor Olivier Laurent and more.