A musical, poetic logic links these photos, one by one, into a harmonious whole. Strands of copper colored hair and freckles in dappled shadows of sunlight. Wispy reeds reflected in ripples of fresh water. Springtime blossoms, berries, a tangle of branches and trees bearing fruit. Firey red touches flame up then die away in high drifting clouds. Two young sisters, always together, start to become young women, here in this natural paradise.

Norwegian photographer Marius Schultz celebrates the beauty, mystery and wonder of life in this series, which he titles, "First there was nothing...".

— Jim Casper

Editor's note: We met Marius Schultz and discovered his work at LensCulture FotoFest Paris international portfolio reviews in 2013. See a sampling of the work of all 128 international photographers who participated.