The Israeli's call it the Security Fence or the Separation Barrier. The Palestinian's call it the Apartheid Wall or Discrimination Wall.

It is constructed of a combination of 36 foot high concrete blocks and electrified fencing. It stretches for over 400 miles throughout the West Bank. It separates children from schools, workers from jobs, farmers from their lands, friends and family.

It has been condemned by the International Court in the Hague on human rights issues. Others praise the sharp decline of terrorist bombings since the beginning of its construction in 2002.

The Israeli government contends that it is temporary and not the redrawing of the 1967 Armistice line, however, Palestinians see more and more of their lands in the West Bank annexed by its placement.

As politicians work toward a peaceful end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Wall grows and nears completion in 2005.

— Morgan Hagar