Interview with Jim Casper: 

Why do you choose to take portraits of people with their weapons?

A weapon in the hand of someone changes the situation totally and also the picture in a certain way. Most of the time a weapon makes the picture stronger on one hand or weaker on another hand. But in the end a weapon in a picture shows more of the personality of the one who holds it, than without it. It's also a thing about power.
Is this series complete?

Yes. The work is done. It would of course not be the same to continue this project in other countries, like Israel, the States, Russia and so on. There I would find new characters, because of a new culture and other habits than in Germany.
Are you trying to convey a message?

I really don't know. I´m not the kind of person who wants to give messages. That does not mean, that I don't have one for myself. I think these pictures are beautiful in one way and disturbing in another. This mix allows me to see them very often, without getting bored. And of course I´m very close to the work and I need more time to find out was it a really good job or not. At the moment I like it, but let's see in five years time.
Do you think of a camera a weapon?

Of course. But the lensman can also get wounded, if he uses the camera as a weapon a little bit too much.