“DANCE” is one of those photobooks that attracted my eye immediately, even from a distance. Then when I picked it up, it endeared itself even more, instantly, with the luscious touch of its coarsely textured cover. Open it up, and the magic continues.

The vibrantly colored photographs are fresh and alive, flowing one from the other like visual poetry, with no need for linear narrative or context.The subject matter is mixed, and often seems unlikely — but it works. Who would imagine that images of blossoming fruit trees, bathing elephants, subway cars, fast food restaurant tables and nighttime fires would harmonize so well? 

This large-format book itself is a work of art to be treasured. Find it, if you can, and buy a copy for yourself. 

— Jim Casper

by Seiji Shibuya
Art Director: Kazuya Kondo
Double jacket, 172 pages
285 × 300 mm
AKAAKA Art Publishing
ISBN : 978-4-903545-66-0
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