10 New Photography Features plus HUNDREDS of New Portfolios

LensCulture is always interested in discovering and sharing the best photography from around the world — and this week we have 10 stories that you really should not miss. Enjoy!











Ponte City by Mikhael Subotzky

Like a failed science-fiction utopia, this Apartheid-era residential tower has become the city’s “focal point [of] dreams and nightmares… a lightning rod for a society’s hopes and fears…”












In/Visibility by Patrick Gries

In Tanzania, albino people are considered victims of evil — so, they are not registered at birth and they do not die — rather, they ‘vanish’.









Disappearing Greenland by Ciril Jazbec

Follow the daily life of one of the last true hunters trying to lead a traditional lifestyle in northern Greenland— subsistence hunting.












In Focus: Ara Guler’s Anatolia

A new exhibition of Ara Guler, Turkey’s best known photographer, debates photography’s status as art or documentation.












Hong Kong Trilogy by Michael Wolf

Quirky typologies of ephemeral urban phenomena from Hong Kong’s streets, back alleys and unlikely perches in the sky.









Mectoub by Scarlett Coten

What does it mean to be an Arab man today? Scarlett Coten explores in a series of intimate, open portraits of young men.












Audio interview with Russian photographer Alexander Gronsky

Listen to this short interview with the author of a great new photobook, Moscow: Pastoral Suburbs












Empire by Jon Tonks

60,000 miles, 32 days at sea, 400 rolls of film —Jon Tonks went far to capture life on four of the most isolated islands in the world, former colonies of the British Empire.












Hair Study by Tara Bogart

Portraits of young women photographed from behind allow us to imagine personalities based on peripheral details like hairstyle and tattoos.












Points of View by Margherita Crocco

Inspired by metaphoric expressions that people use in their everyday language, this series reveals the absurdities that can arise from cross-cultural interpretations.



In addition to articles we write and feature in the magazine section of LensCulture, you can browse through literally HUNDREDS of other great portfolios and stories posted directly by photographers who are specially invited by the editors of LensCulture. Explore by category, most-viewed, or our Editors’ Picks. Dig in and discover an abundance of inspiration!



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