20,000 euro photography prize

The Grand Prix International de Photographie of Vevey is a competition of projects organized by the Fondation Vevey, Ville d’Images and launched for the Festival IMAGES’ 06.
The aim of this international contest is to single out new personal works which have strongly distinguished themselves from conventional ones. The choice of the theme and genre is left open.
Purpose of the Grand Prix and Eligibility
The competition is open to photographers and artists, professional or in the process of formation. Its first aim is to discover new talents of all ages by enabling them to realize their project. The award-winning project will be exhibited at the Festival IMAGES’ 06, which will take place in Vevey from September 14th to September 18th 2006.
Criteria for Selection
The international jury, composed of key figures from the visual arts world, will make its choice on the basis of the projects proposed and will designate the winners of the Grand Prix International de Photographie as well as of the other awards. The main criteria for selection will be the richness of ideas reflected in the content as well as in the form of the work.
First Prize
The Grand Prix International de photographie, which amounts to € 20’000, is intended for the realization of the award-winning project in view of exhibiting the final stills at the following year’s Festival, in 2006
Submission and Deadline
The projetct and a submission form, available upon demand or downloaded from the festival website — www.images.ch — and duly completed, must reach the festival address no later than October 1st, 2005. The jury will reach its verdict in November 2005.

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