48 States as seen from a Train


From the photo series Forty-eight States © Candace Plummer Gaudiani

Context, framing, style, materials, and historical and cinematic reference all contribute to the success of this click-clack series of black-and-white photos taken through passenger windows in railroad trains rolling through all 48 states of the continental USA.
The lulling, mesmerizing rhythm you feel inside a moving train is coupled with strobe-like flashing of blurring scenery passing by outside. Seems like if you blink the whole scene changes every few seconds (unless you’re traveling through some place like Kansas).
Photographer Candace Plummer Gaudiani plants us comfortably in the dark next to a window seat and steadies our gaze out through the oval-edged window of an American train. And the worlds that pass before our eyes (in nostalgic black-and-white) could be right out of a Jack Kerouac novel.
For the best effect, try the high-resolution slide show. It’ll take you on a brief armchair holiday across the states.

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