Automotive Monogamy: photo pairs by Matteo Ferrari

“Of all the ‘Now & Then’ photographic projects (places taken from postcards, families twenty years after, daily self-portraits, etc.), Automotive Monogamy by Matteo Ferrari is definitely among those that strikes me most: it is made of diptychs showing old cars with their owners next to them, re-enacting the same pose of a picture of many years before. While almost everything around them changed. . . their jewel car is always the same, defying time, shining now even more than before.”
— From the always interesting bi-lingual (Italian-English) Hippolyte Bayard blog about photography.

All photos from Automotive Monogamy © Matteo Ferrari

I discovered this photo series, while reading a great interview with Joni Sternbach about her alternative-process photography. You can find Joni’s wet-plate collodion portraits of surfers in Lens Culture.

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