Photography: how not to shoot a black dog


From the photo book, in almost every picture #9,
photographs collected and edited by Erik Kessels, text by Christian Bunyan

This book deals with one family’s attempt to solve one of the great mysteries of photography: how to shoot a black dog.
Before the digital age, before cameras that could solve any problem from red-eye to world hunger, there was the 20th century, a time when photographers actually had to take photos themselves. Among other things, this included finding sufficient light for your subject . . .

Time and again, this couple’s attempts to document their beloved pet go (technically speaking) badly.
Over days and seasons and years, they take tender portraits of their pitch pooch, only to find a silhouette where there should be a canine.
So there’s a shot of the husband stroking an enormous black blob.
And one of the wife engaging in animated chit-chat with a black triangle . . .
— excerpts from text by Christian Bunyan

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