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We created Lens Culture to create a forum for dialogue about photography and its impact on our daily lives, our cultures, and how we perceive reality, art, propaganda and more. Call it an international community of people with shared interests.

I truly enjoy the give-and-take conversations I have with smart, talented, passionate photographers, as well as others who are equally informed and passionate (like curators, gallery owners, publishers, critics, educators). I am inspired by work that reveals new points-of-view on our ever-changing world. And I love to discover photography (new or old) that pushes and plays with the limits of the medium and what it can show us. I find that photographers and photography lovers are often some of the most articulate people I have met.

It is also a delight to discover more and more blogs that talk about photography (rather than blogs that merely show photographs). As I’ve mentioned before, Magnum photographer Alec Soth has been publishing his thoughts and insights in a wonderfully prolific way on his personal blog. And Joerg Colberg, a long-time respected blogger, has just published an interview with Alec Soth about blogging, and why he does it.

One reason Soth has become so enthusiastic about blogging: “I discovered that I had a real hunger for the exchange of ideas. I’m extremely lucky to make my living as an artist, but the lifestyle isn’t very romantic. I spend the bulk of my time dealing with office work (printing, shipping, billing, pricing, etc). Since I have a family, I’m not hanging out in smoky lofts debating aesthetics. The blog has become my virtual smoky loft.”

So, kindred spirits, enjoy these pages, and connect with us about your own ideas around photography. Cheers!

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