Bongin Bongin: Diptychs from Sydney Australia


We first discovered these trippy photo diptychs by Australian photographer David Helsham while reviewing all of the entries to our first Lens Culture International Exposures Awards. Even though the jury didn’t award a prize to this series, we loved it so much we wanted to publish a feature in Lens Culture.
Here’s some of the intro text by Zoë Fargher:

“Bongin Bongin is an aboriginal name, meaning “many shells”. And it is the name of a bay in northern Sydney, Australia, where David Helsham swims every morning, all year round, with a group of friends.

“The bay and its surroundings provide the raw material for this magical series of diptychs: Helsham has photographed a small area of the beach and the ocean over several years. In Bongin Bongin, he juxtaposes found objects he discovered on the beach – from discarded toys, to shoes, to skulls – with views of the bay in all weathers and seasons.”

See and read more… Also, look for David’s Blurb book in 2010.

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