300 Boozy Santas swarm into Portland

santa titlebelt.jpg
The holidays affect people in strange ways. Just got this cryptic poetic note and flickr set from lens culture correspondent sean smith:
“men and women who like to dress up as their one-time idol and booze the day away, culture jam efforts, community.”
Digging deeper into the Santacon outbreak worldwide, here are some “facts”:
Sean’s local group’s self-description:
“The Portland Cacophony Society is a randomly gathered network of free-spirits seeking new adventures beyond the pale of mainstream society. The Cacophony Society is just a bunch of good-for-nothing psychic cowboys. Half of them are truckdrivers for christ, the other half righteous dot-commers. Spit in their eye and they’ll shake your hand! What is “art” but “tra” spelled backwards? They skate the edge of sensibility with elan and flair not normally found in a pre-historic slavonic waltz. Ask your dog for details.”
Happy holidays to all.

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