Creeping in Circles: (trippy) time-lapsed photography in Sweden

An intriguing new exhibition opens this week at Fotografiska in Sweden. Creeping in Circles is a collaborative series by Nils Olof Hedenskog, a painter, and Joakim Brolin a photographer. Together, they produce hybrid art images while experimenting with the material of the medium — color film.
Fotografiska’s chief curator, Michelle Marie Roy writes:

Together Brolin and Hedenskog have fused their visual languages into a mutual expression utilizing motion, time, light and the emulsion of the film. Laboriously created, I find Hedenskog and Brolin’s process as intriguing as the final images.

The colors are created by painting with light, the light reflected off of the clothing of the crawling people, also referred to as “creepers”. The patient rhythmic creepers circumvent the faint trace of a chalk drawing, rendered by Hedenskog.

It is captivating how traces of their meditative-like movement emerge, and also how the light reflected off of their clothing, recorded on film and revealed in the print, extend like beacons from the darkness.

Although Hedenskog and Brolin are not particularly interested in religious references they do agree that the movement of the “creepers” is not unlike the pilgrimage of the faithful on their way to holy sites. The circles produced are not unlike vibrant auras.


Artist-collaborator Nils Olof Hedenskog


Artist-collaborator Joakim Brolin

All images copyright © Nils Olof Hedenskog and Joakim Brolin.
For more information, visit the Fotografiska website.

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