Enchanted Spaces: photos of frugal interiors in Mongolia


“Inner Mongolia-Mickey Mouse”, from Enchanted Spaces © by Marrigje de Maar

“Many of my interiors give evidence of a frugal life, of inhabitants who are able to make their personalities known with only a few means. In my work I concentrate on this authenticity and dignity. My pictures tell a story about these people, a story that reaches beyond material reality.”
— Marrigje de Maar, from her introductory text to her photo-essay

Photos of the insides of places where people live are often more intimate and telling than portraits of the people themselves. To be allowed to enter anyone’s home, and to photograph it exactly as it is, is an honor and a privilege. These photos offer views into other ways of life, other cultures, and insights into personal needs and priorities.

Marrigje de Maar has been photographing all kinds of interior spaces since 2002. To see more photos from this series, and to read her entire text, visit her feature article in Lens Culture.

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