Ghostly Cheetah by Britta Jaschinski, 2010 European Wildlife Photographer of the Year


“Ghostly Cheetah” by Britta Jaschinski, winner of the 2010 European Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition

“I arrived in Ndutu only days after a huge bush fire had ripped through the area, burning down a vast number of majestic acacia trees. You could smell ash and cinders in the air. The destructive power of these fires is immense. I found many empty, whitened tortoise shells and saw disorientated impala and dik-dik wandering around with nowhere to hide. And then, a cheetah appeared on the blackened soil. This fire must have been a windfall for large cats — their prey was confused and out in the open. But the cheetah looked unsettled, alienated and lost — almost ghostly. I took the photo and then watched as he melted into the background.”

—Britta Jaschinski
This is just one in a remarkable series of photos made by Jaschinski using her 25-year old analog camera and black-and-white film. See and read more in Lens Culture.

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