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(Update: This gift has been claimed already by a generous supporter/collector. Thanks! But of course, your support will be appreciated still if you can donate any amount, large or small.)
Here is a second chance for you to help Lens Culture — and get a great gift in exchange!
The very next financial supporter who contributes $250 or more to Lens Culture will receive a signed copy of British photographer Simon Roberts‘ excellent book, Motherland, along with a signed, limited edition print from that series made in Russia in 2005. The print is 11″ x 14″, from a limited edition of 50, signed verso. This is a £175 value, and about to be sold out completely.

Motherland 15.jpg

Taxis cross the frozen Lena River, Yakutsk, 2005 © Simon Roberts


Motherland, by Simon Roberts. Published by Chris Boot, Ltd.

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