Sharon Harper’s mind-bending photos of night skies


© Sharon Harper, Moon Studies and Star Scratches, No 5, June-September 2004

Sharon Harper deliberately challenges the objective, scientific reality of photography in this delightful book of her chance-inspired artistic visions of the heavens.
She combines long time exposures with multiple exposures, and moves the vantage point of the camera in between, and often waits for hours, days, weeks or months to layer another exposure onto the same piece of 4 x 5 film.
The results are fanciful marvels, setting the whirling stars and sun and moon on changing, colliding trajectories behind luminous clouds and mists — or set against crystal sharp skies. She uses the visual language of scientific study to undermine its authority, or rather, to make us question assumptions about our own perceptions and about nature.
See and read more, in a review of her new photobook, From Above and Below.
Sharon Harper will be signing her book at the International Center of Photography on Friday, February 15th, from 6:00-7:30 p.m.