Life-Size Photos of Real People used for Target Practice in USA

_spread 2 useful photography 011

Human photos of armed aggressors, overlaid with internal anatomy drawings (to help improve target practice), are just one form of many used in shooting galleries around the USA.
From Erik Kessels’ latest book, Useful Photography #011.

This bizarre and unsettling photobook reproduces lots of examples of how life-size photographic images of humans are used at shooting galleries for target practice throughout the USA. This photographic “art form” has been thriving for “decades” mainly in the States.

Dutch Publisher Erik Kessels says “Target practice in the US and this collection takes many forms. From masked intruders to terrorist invaders; from hostage situations to anatomy targets; from Osama Bin Laden brandishing a rifle to law enforcement officers brandishing a badge; from bombers to rottweilers. Find your favourite to force you to shoot and think.”

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