Long live Hamburger Eyes!

About five or six years ago, the guys behind the Hamburger Eyes photo happenings in San Francisco (Dave and Ray, and the photographers around them) really opened my eyes to a photo-based lifestyle that was (and still is) so alive and real and super-attractive in an honest, often not so glamorous way. Fueled by passion, and a desire to have fun and document real life, they publish great raw photography in their almost wordless magazine, and they make it affordable. They throw wild kick-ass parties with photography literally covering nearly every inch of wall space. Every person in the crowds at their parties could be living, walking, talking and dancing photographs themselves. This short video just came to my attention and took me on a happy time trip back to the buzzy excitement they created. If you like your photography rough and funky, tough and goofy and honest, check it out.

Hamburger Eyes from Nick Fogarty on Vimeo.

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