Near the Egress: a multimedia mash-up of b/w film, tintypes, stop-action video and custom soundtrack

Wow, this is one of the most exciting mash-ups of old and new photo techniques that I have seen (rivaling Chuck Close’s mega-wattage daguerreotypes, which he digitally enlarged and printed with metallic inks).
Here’s some background:
First, Antonio Martinez spent a lot of time at a traveling circus, shooting dozens of rolls of 35mm black-and-white film. Then he made over 800 modern dryplate tintypes from the negatives, and then scanned them digitally, and then sequenced them artfully to produce this experimental stop-motion video.
The effect is like a dream or a very distant memory. I love the random chemical colors and smears and light leaks created during the tintype process. And the moody soundtrack seems perfectly in-sync with every flash and flutter and gracefully stuttering movement.
Martinez said he created this video to serve as a desired childhood memory of the circus, but through the mind of an adult.
The project began in 2005 and was completed in early 2009 with the help of sound designer, Ramah (Malebranche) Jihan, and assistant, Sarah (Lathrop) Midkiff. The video has been exhibited to rave reviews in over 23 video art and film festivals so far.
I was delighted to meet Antonio Martinez — and to discover this amazing visionary project — during the portfolio reviews at Houston FotoFest 2010.
We will be projecting this video for the first time in Paris on June 23, 2010. It looks GREAT on a big screen. The SLIDELUCK POTSHOW PARIS event will take place at Le Comptoir Géneral on the banks of Canal Saint Martin. This will be part of a 2010 global tour, launched in New York on May 15. The event will consist of projections, slideshows and potluck dinner, bringing together members of the photography, art and media communities for an evening of eating, drinking and sharing work.
You can purchase a high-resolution, high-fidelity DVD of “Near the Egress” for just $30 plus shipping and handling, via Google Checkout, right here. It looks and sounds fantastic!

$39.95 – Near the Egress DVD, shipped in US (except California)
$45.95 – Near the Egress DVD, shipped to Canada
$47.95 – Near the Egress DVD, shipped outside US and Canada
$42.87 – Near the Egress DVD, shipped to California w/ sales tax

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