NEW Lens Culture online now — truly global photography


We’re very pleased to announce that Lens Culture, volume 27 is online now at
As always, Lens Culture is filled with a wonderful and eclectic mix of contemporary photography from around the globe. This issue features:
• A high-resolution slideshow of 340 preview picks from the upcoming Paris Photo art fair — with special emphasis this year on Central European photography.
• An exclusive first look at Vee Speers’ new series, Immortal, which explores age-old human desires for youth, beauty, perfection, and longing to stop time.
• Frederic Lezmi’s long photographic road trip from Vienna to Beirut in search of Where the West becomes the East.
• UK artist Julia Curtin’s appropriation and re-use of Depression-era photos in her sculptural projects.
• Xavier Comas’ book-length project on elevator culture in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district.
• Natan Dvir’s multifaceted investigation of the consequences of Belief in Israel.
• Ivan Mikhaylov’s annotated portraits of young, displaced Russians who each moved from the provinces to find a better life in the bustle of Moscow.
Plus many other great art and documentary projects — an adults-only community in Arizona … bizarre architecture on the outskirts of Paris … imaginary forests … creative re-use of vast underground spaces … lakeside recreation in the Czech Republic … the last steam trains in China … beach-comber scanner art from California … 60 years of Dutch shooting galleries, and more.
Each week, our special section, VII The Magazine, presents fresh, insightful multimedia reports from photojournalists covering important stories all over the world.
This issue of Lens Culture is our largest edition in six years. Plus, every article, audio and video interview, slideshow, critical essay and book review from the previous 26 issues is still available in Lens Culture’s online archives. It’s a great source for inspiration.
On top of all this news, we’re in the middle of our second annual global photo competition: Lens Culture International Exposure Awards 2010. Last year’s submissions were stellar — and many of the winners found continued success around the world. This year, in addition to cash prizes and other awards, all winners and honorable mentions will be featured in Lens Culture — and 60 winning prints will be exhibited in Lens Culture traveling shows at galleries in Paris, New York and San Francisco.
Deadline for entries is September 18, 2010. Enter your photos today.
We hope you enjoy this new issue. Please let us know, and tell your friends!

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