Outside In: new photos by Stephen Gill


© 2010 Stephen Gill, from the series “Outside In”

British photographer Stephen Gill loves to play with photography. His personal joy comes through in a goofy, random, artful way that often brings a smile to my face.

For his latest series, which was commissioned by Martin Parr for the Brighton Photo Biennial, Gill wandered the beaches and side streets of this seaside town and picked up junk, plants, and bugs that he found while looking for things to photograph. Every time he loaded a new roll of outdated film in his old box camera, he dropped some of the scavenged junk inside the camera, between the lens and the film. The results are quirky pieces of art that combine the effects of photograms, faded film, light flares, chance, and his own unique vision of where to point his camera.

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© 2010 Stephen Gill, from the series “Outside In”


© 2010 Stephen Gill, from the series “Outside In”

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