Photo portraits of real characters from a gold-mining town in Alaska


Steven H., gold miner, staked a claim on Crow Creek with his brother last year.
From the Series “Everyone My Brother Knows in Girdwood, Alaska” by Laura Domela

Photographer Laura Domela, who often works in fashion photography, found a new project when she visited her brother Jason in a small gold-mining town in Alaska. Domela was delighted to encounter his large extended group of fun friends living there in Girdwood: roughnecks, eccentrics, pioneers, rugged individualists and a few misfits.
So she set up an impromptu studio in the back of a bar, and created a remarkable series of portraits she calls “Everyone My Brother Knows in Girdwood, Alaska”. The characters seem like they could have stepped right out of a TV sit-com. The photos are almost hyper-real, and the captions are personal and often hilarious.
Check out a sampling of 25 portraits in the high-resolution slideshow in Lens Culture.
I first met Laura and saw this series during the portfolio reviews at Photolucida in Portland, Oregon last month. This big contemporary photography event is one of the best places in the world for curators and publishers and art directors to meet great new talents in the world of contemporary photography. Check back here in the following weeks to discover some more great photography from the great Northwest.

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