Photobook review: “Soul and Soul” by Kiyoshi Suzuki


Kiyoshi Suzuki (Japan, 1943-2000) began photographing in the late 1960s in Iwaki City, his birthplace. He worked for thirty years in relative isolation. Suzuki’s way of putting books together, layer upon layer upon layer, became central to his art.
This book, already in its second edition, re-creates in look and feel, a handmade mock-up of a photobook that was found in the photographer’s garage after his death.
Merel Bem, of De Volkskrant, said, “These are intriguing photographs. Rich in contrast and sometimes almost surreal. Suzuki knew how to be dramatic and theatrical without giving up the simplicity of the image or seeming affected. But the best thing [...] by far is the book. [...] a publication that does justice to an artist both in form and content — one would wish that all photobooks were made with the same care and dedication.”
Read an illustrated book review written by Marc Prust, here in Lens Culture.

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