Photography in China: 1934-2008

© CANG Xin, Energy no. 2 from the series Man and Sky as One, 2007. Courtesy of FotoFest 2008.

The world’s most comprehensive collection and overview of photography from China is currently on display in a mammoth city-wide exhibition in Houston, Texas, as part of FotoFest 2008. This is a tremendously ambitious and successful presentation of the important roles that photography has played in the dramatic flux that has defined and re-defined China over the past 74 years.
Lens Culture is thrilled to be able to present 60 photographs from China that span the years 1934-2008, thanks to the generosity of the chief curators of this exhibition, Wendy Watriss and Fred Baldwin.
Over the next several weeks, Lens Culture will continue to explore the discoveries from Photography in China: 1934-2008. So be sure to check back for more in-depth looks at the work of individual photographers who have made an impact (and continue to do so) in the history of photography in China.

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