Too much digital enhancement in news photographs?


The raw image, before PhotoShop enhancement. © Yuri Kozyrev / Noor.


The enhanced image, as distributed in the media. © Yuri Kozyrev / Noor.

According to a critical article in Spiegel Online: “Light conditions were not the best on Tahrir Square in Cairo during the celebration of autocrat Hosni Mubarak’s resignation in 2011. Such shortcomings, however, can easily be compensated for using Photoshop. ‘There is much more competition among photos today,’ says Klaus Honnef, a professor of the theory of photography. ‘(Agencies) have to outdo each other.’”

Such digital enhancement is at the center of a growing debate over how much is too much when reporting the news. Is one version less “authentic” than the other?

Read the full story, and see many other “before-and-after” examples in Spiegel Online.

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