Photobook: C Photo: Posed / Unposed


Book spread from the photobook “C Photo: Posed/Unposed”
Left: Untitled, 2010. © Hester Scheurwater Right: Untitled, 2010. © Hester Scheurwater:
From Both Sides of the Mirror.

The volume C Photo: Posed/Unposed outlines the field of tension between the entirely spontaneous and unposed on one hand, and the striving for a perfect pose on the other, depicting a variety of approaches from photojournalism or amateur snapshots to advertising, portraiture and fashion photography. See more images, from many photographers, in Lens Culture.

Photographers published are Rico Scagliola & Michael Meier, Jacques Henri Lartigue, Thomas Struth, Pawel Juszczuk, Federico Patellani, Edward Quinn, Hester Scheurwater, Garry Winogrand, Guy Bourdin, Jules Spinatsch, Ghislain Dussart, Slim Aarons.