Professional Practices for Photographers: 2-day Workshop in Paris

March 23-24, 2013 (Sat-Sun). Limited to 16 participants.


Photography consultant Marc Prust, during portfolio reviews in Paris.
Photo © Marie Docher

Target Audience, Marketing, Branding, Networking, Social Media
These are the terms that we see all the time when people speak about selling, and building a business. But, how does this work when you’re a photographer?
During an intense two-day workshop, photography consultant Marc Prüst and Lens Culture founder Jim Casper will address these issues, and show how you can use them to build your business as a photographer. Through lectures and hands-on activities, this workshop covers essential and practical elements that are key to a successful career (beyond being a talented photographer). The workshop provides insight, hands you tools, and will help you understand what business model will work best for your photographic practice.
We review the rapid changes in the marketplace that are challenging and disrupting the “traditional” methods of the photography business. And we look to new methods and practices that are setting new paths to success.
The workshop helps you refine the verbal and visual ways that you present yourself and your work – in person, online, in your communications. We explore how to build and extend your personal and professional networks. How do you actually market photography? And how to gain exposure in new markets?
We also explore how to plan a photography project, from creative and marketing preparation through shooting, editing, sequencing and presentation.
All the elements come together with practical exercises, portfolio reviews, and discussions between the participants and Casper and Prüst. The theory will be clarified and put to use in recognizable exercises.
With a maximum of 16 participants, there is a lot of room for one-on-one feedback with the organizers, while the group is large enough to allow for peer-reviews and practical exercises with like-minded photographers.
Fee: 290 euros for two days (not including TVA). Limited to 16 participants. Deadline to apply: February 28, 2013.
For more details, see the Lens Culture Events page.