Red Shirts – multimedia report on the unrest in Thailand


From a photoessay on the Red Shirts rebellion in Thailand © 2010 Agnes Dherbeys / for VII Photo

This is a remarkable multimedia report from a young photographer in Thaliand, who presents her first-person account of the violent protests going on in the streets. Photojournalist Agnes Dherbeys is a participant in the VII Mentor Program, conceived by VII Photo to provide professional development for the brightest emerging talents in the industry. Agnes Dherbeys’ coverage of the unrest in Thailand is the first in a series of Mentor features.
Scott Thode, Editor of VII The Magazine, was able to interview Agnes for this story and get her understanding of the history of the Red Shirts protests and her personal feelings and observations about what is happening there. We’re very pleased to offer this timely, intimate account for the readers of Lens Culture.
Some of these images appear in a special report for The New York Times this weekend, as well.

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