Buy a Tree by Myoung Ho Lee, and save 20% before Christmas

This remarkable series of photographs, Tree, by the South Korean artist Myoung Ho Lee, have delighted art collectors and photography lovers since we first showed them in Lens Culture in 2007. Since then, Myoung Ho Lee has been enjoying a giddy sort of art stardom, including a solo show at Yossi Milo Gallery in New York, and media praise around the world.
As a show of appreciation for Lens Culture, Myoung Ho Lee created a special limited edition series (30 each) of four of his most popular images. These are the exact same quality as those sold in his galleries and at art auctions — but ours are priced to encourage collectors to support Lens Culture. If you buy one (or several) before Christmas, you can enjoy an additional 20 percent discount by using the code: LensCulture2012 on check-out, when you purchase them at our online gallery: Lens Culture Editions.

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