Short dream-like meditative film: Josette

Kristina Sereikaite is a young student photographer living in Vilnius Lithuania. While attending ENSP, the photography school in Arles France, she befriended a local older woman named Josette, who became her muse and model for a narrative sequence of photographs. The result of this collaboration is a moody meditation on old age, loneliness, and the approach of death.

Stills, from Josette, by Kristina Sereikaite
Sereikaite composed a short 5 minute movie with a sequence of still images of Josette and the interior of her home. At times it is slow, somber, and melancholy, accompanied by a minimalist musical sound track. Other sequences call to mind rapid-fire dream images à la Stanley Kubrick.
You can view a Quicktime version of the movie here at Lens Culture.

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