Spotlight on Past Winners of the LensCulture Exposure Awards

Over the past four years, we have received an incredible array of submissions for the LensCulture Exposure Awards. With the 2013 Awards submissions now open, we decided it would be nice to look at a couple of previous award winners.


                                          Through My Looking Glass © Gayle Stevens

Above is the second prize winner at the 2011 Awards in the Single Image Category. Gayle Stevens’ image came from her series titled Calligraphy, in which she created wet plate collodion tintype photogenic drawings of plant and animal specimens. In the artist’s words, “the silhouettes of the photogenic drawings are rendered as black shadows and echo the brushstrokes in Chinese calligraphy, sparse yet expressive.”


                                                      Teresa’s Legs © Martine Fougeron

Above is another single image winner. This photo won first prize at the 2010 Awards in the Single Image Category. In her series, Tête- à-Tête, Fougeron examined the rite of passage of the post-prom party. Fougeron describes how her series “captures the abandon and the ambivalence of this moment when the comfort of what is familiar begins to slip away.”

The Exposure Awards have always included prizes for portfolio awards as well. We will be highlighting some of those winners later in the week.

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