The Invisible Age: Self-portraits by women aged 50-65


Who Cares If They’re Not Real © Charlotte Niel

“What is the invisible age? To a large extent it’s a phenomenon of our society, which sees and values younger women for their beauty and energy. Our society also sees and values older women for their wisdom and character. But, in the eyes of this same society, the 50ish to 65ish woman is of little value and practically invisible.”
The Invisible Age is a traveling exhibit curated by Jan Potts and Beth Kientzle. The self-portraits of the 31 women photographers express how it feels to be at the “invisible” age for women in America — between 50 and 65.
Read more here at Lens Culture, and see 34 sample images from the excellent exhibition.

Aphrodite and Plaster Cast © Jean Locey


Blue Tights © Aline Smithson


Red Chair © Anita White

The exhibition is open September 4 through October 10, 2008 at The Gallery at Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco. For more info, see the exhibition website:

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