Visual Jazz: Body as Dream

The collaborative artwork of Italian photographer Marco Ambrosi and American calligrapher Monica Dengo is dense and light, playful and intellectually provocative. A torrent of calligraphic marks clings to the surfaces of nude bodies. The bodies contort into graceful visual glyphs themselves until they almost disappear in an atmosphere that is thick with words and the language of logic, poetry, history and desire.
It is as if words and written notations flew through the air and “stuck” on the skin, becoming part of it, defining its surface, yet also masking it as camouflage in a shower of symbols and markings. What could be seen as clutter and confusion resolves itself as a tumble of jazz notes, expressive body language and grace. These are still images that vibrate in space.
Body as dream,
body as canvas,
body as surface and screen.
You can view ten images from this remarkable photo series here, and listen to a 4-minute audio interview, as well, with photographer Marco Ambrosi.

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