Sylvie Blum

Nudes (German Edition)
by Sylvie Blum
Publisher's Description
“Nudes” was shot during photo sessions in Miami and Los Angeles, on the island of Majorca and in Berlin. The vision of beautiful, naked and self-confident women was at the heart of this project, realized by an exceptional photographer. Sylvie Blum staged pictures in the shade of Hollywood that – not least of all - reflect the worship of beauty, and narcissism. Her Californian outdoor photographs consciously make use of traditional clichés of eternal beauty. The photographer equally draws her inspiration from the desert, from the Moloch of the big city, from the endlessness of the Pacific Ocean and from the cool architecture of Palm Beach or Beverly Hills. The sober grace of a factory building, the Mediterranean atmosphere of a “finca”, a Berlin courtyard full of graffiti - they all are her sources of inspiration.
ISBN: 3899040317
Hardcover : 140 pages
Language: English
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