Deborah Mesa-Pelly

Deborah Mesa-Pelly
by Roxana Marcoci
Publisher's Description
The University of Salamanca, Spain, has, in recent years, initiated a superb publishing program on contemporary photographers. This volume is one of the latest and looks at the work of native Cuban artist Deborah Mesa-Pelly. Having studied and currently living in New York, Mesa-Pelly's work deals decidedly with the realm of fantasy and the role of the imagination in our everyday lives. The images in this book form a narrative, about what exactly, it is not clear. What is clear however, is that Mesa-Pelly is a photographer to keep tabs on in the coming years. Her work will undoubtedly gain in stature as her curiosity for the world around us, and within us, deepens and is reflected in her photography.
ISBN: 847800923X
Publisher: Ediciones Universidad Salamanca
Paperback : 68 pages
Language: English
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