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En attendant le facteur
by Alain Laboile

Published by KnowWare editions in the “Voir naître le talent” series, the photography book “Waiting for the postman” is composed of eighty photographs that were created during the past six years by Alain Laboile. For six years, Alain Laboile has been dedicating his photographic work to childhood, by taking day after day spontaneous shots of his six children, in the countryside. True snapshots of life that playfully mingle the art of living completely free to the everyday life of a timeless family. From a picture to another, this bevy of charming wild children lives following the poetry of the moment and rocked by infinite insouciance. This photography book thus presents a selection of some of the most beautiful slices of life taken by the photographer.

ISBN: 2355640939
Publisher: KnowWare
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