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by Jan Enkelmann
Tsukiji fish market is the biggest wholesale fish and seafood market in the world. It handles more than 400 different types of seafood and over 2,000 metric tons of seafood per day.

This book documents one morning at Tsukiji. From the inspection and auction of whole bluefin tuna, each worth more than a small car, to the preparation and cutting of all kinds of seafood.

It portrays the people of the market: the auctioneers and bidders, the dealers and shoppers, the accountants and the shop owners with their saws and knives, some well over a metre in length. And it shows the amazing range of fish and fresh seafood on offer – from tiny sardines to 400kg tuna, from cheap seaweed to the most expensive caviar, from brightly coloured octopus to crabs, eels and mussels.
Publisher: Blurb
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