Barry Delaney

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Stars and Souls and Dirty Dogs
by Barry Delaney

It's about friendship, isolation, love, suffering, family, drink, hope, despair, beauty, death, religion, romance, youth and all the other ingredients that make a life interesting, in the new modern Ireland of today. ... Around February 2006 I quit drinking, and coincidently my dormant love of photography got re-awakened. Looking through my new clear eyes, I noticed that the urban landscape of Dublin city, my birthplace, had changed forever. All things in life change, but perhaps this change was too rapid ! In the race for money and material progress, people got left behind, communities got abandoned, old Dublin simply got lost in it's transformation into yet another uniform design, of the emerging globalized world. So instead of stopping for a pint on my daily commute home, I began to photograph the people of Dublin, this resulted in an exhibition of 16 images in Temple Bar, at the end of 2007. During 2008, I began capturing other parts of urban Ireland, from Belfast to Limerick, resulting in this collection, which gives an insight into my vision of Irish urban life today, portraying the real stars and souls of our land, from my own personal odyssey. .... Little did I realise, whilst on my personal journey, which began around the heady heights of Ireland 2007, when greed was king, that this brittle false world would crash so dramatically in 2008, resulting in our country's economic bankruptcy. Maybe it will be through the bonds of friendship and communities, that will enable us to re-build a more inclusive and stable market place, giving Ireland a substantive foundation for survival in the 21st Century. Barry Delaney

Publisher: Blurb
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