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Querido vecino:
by Alex Llovet

Photo Book / 192 pages / 21.8 x 21.8 cm / offset / sewn / hardcover with dust jacket and a removable postcard / texts in Spanish / limited edition of 400 copies / self-published It includes: - 140 photographs of the project with their tweets. - A short story inspired by Mas Sauró, written by local journalist (Catalunya Radio) Toni Arbonés, from the point of view of the oldest tree in the area. - Foreword by Alex Llovet. - A map of the neighborhood - Design by Borja Martínez, LoSiento (www.losiento.net). PRICE: 42€ (Includes p&p for Spain) 50€ (Includes p&p for Europe)

Publisher: Selfpublished
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