Bellocq: Photographs from Storyville, the Red-Light District of New Orleans
by E.J. Bellocq
Publisher's Description
Although little is known about E.J. Bellocq--a misshappen physique is rumored--his images of prostitutes from early Jazz-age New Orleans are compelling portraits rivaling the enamoured objectivity of Brassai's Secret Paris. When The Storyville Portraits was last published in 1970 printing technology couldn't come close to reproducing the subtle tonalities of the printing-out-paper prints Lee Friedlander made from Bellocq's glass-plate negatives. This reprint, in magnificent duotone, includes all 38 images from that first edition, as well as John Szarkowski's text. It also includes 18 new images and a provocative and appreciative essay by Susan Sontag.
ISBN: 0679449752
Publisher: Random House
Hardcover : 83 pages
Language: English
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