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Celeste e Nero
by herman wouters

in Italy, it is all there, a wealth of beauty and paradise lost feeling, as presented in travel agency leaflets and magazines. However, next to these well known and crowded tourist traps, the pittoresque hilltowns, trattorias and lush dinner tables, there is an ordinary Italy. Where the traditional past in one way or another seems to be present in its quotidian modern life. The subject of these pictures is a fragmented mixture of landscapes, surfaces and urban still lifes in a light that soothes, lingers or strikes and makes hungry for a superb pranzo and a good bottle of wine. As I photographed and edited these scenes, I found myself ask several questions: How to avoid platitudes even if they are true? What tells me more of a subject? The average or the specific? Or lies the bellezza in ”the middle thing”? What is the meaning of color and the importance of taking color away? How to connect and pair these different moments in a truthful way? It is very hard to describe a country, even if you think you know it well. It is even harder to show it in photographs.

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