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by Theo Anderson

Urban construction is a common event. Much of what happens is the same; welding is welding, steel is steel, cranes are cranes, and concrete is concrete. The construction of the center city arena is a transformational event for my hometown. Not relying on narrative and unencumbered by preconception liberates my process. That being said the photographs are documentary in nature. I visited the site thirty-six times over a sixteen month period starting on May 3, 2013 and ending on August 4, 2014. One of my main challenges was the rigors of working in a confined area for an extended period. Although the heat, cold and ice were difficult at times, boredom was my greatest challenge. At times I felt as though I was trapped in a maze. This project took every bit of discipline I could muster. Work on the design and structure of the project commenced early in the process. It was clear that the breadth of the project would require multiple books and thougthful planning. I had to carefully edit my work, one shoot would build and influence the next. Finished photographs had to be printed. Editing was perhaps more important than making the photographs. While the building of the arena continued, I was proceeding with the construction of the final work, my books, the eight parts of CONCRETE. During the journey, I spent thirty-six days photographing on location and over one hundred days editing and producing the final body of work. My sixteen-month journey with the Allentown arena began in the spring of 2013. The notion of photographing in a defined, yet ever-changing, environment for an extended period of time was compelling. With each visit, the site transformed into a dynamic new setting. The people building the arena became my collaborators. With concrete and steel, the work of human hands became an intoxicating mix to photograph and is expressed in the eight parts of CONCRETE. I am a witness to transformation. CONCRETE, the eight part, handmade book, featuring one hundred and thirty-one photographs, is limited to nine copes. Fifteen photographs from CONCRETE were exhibited at the Allentown Museum of Art. designed, printed and bound by Theo Anderson 8 books with case case finished in yellow natural finish broadcloth - European, title hot stamped in red each book 11 3/8 X 11 1/2 inches books one thru five: 16 color pigment prints per book, printed by the artist on cotton rag paper books five thru eight: 17 color pigment prints per book, printed by the artist on cotton rag paper books one thru five: 45 pages books six thru eight: 46 pages bound by hand using double wires cover Strathmore 500 Illustration Board - Vellum embossed with WILBUREDITIONS seal signed and numbered WILBUREDITIONS / Allentown edition of 9 with 1 artist proof and 1 exhibition copy

Publisher: Wilbureditions
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