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by Theo Anderson

Theo Anderson's, decade long, post-industrial cycle started at the Bethlehem Works and was completed at Buildings B and C of the Homer Research Laboratories of the shuttered Bethlehem Steel Corporation in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. "Letting go of the notion that the photographs were about a place: my work, my very person, were transformed. My journey is expressed in the five books of ULISSE," says Anderson. Signed edition with print $275.00 Editioned boxed set of five soft cover, perfect bound books, 8.5 x 11, 48 -52 pages, 24 color images per book (120 color images total), first edition limited to 100 copies of which copies 1 - 50 are signed and numbered, including a signed print of Anderson's iconic #2 machine shop ( 4" x 6" on 8" x 10" sheet printed by the artist and tucked in ULISSE FIVE).

Publisher: WIlbureditions
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